Our Team

Encouraging and guiding children to become future leaders in our communities.

Our professional instructors in dance, music, and culture are passionate individuals who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. These dedicated professionals have spent years honing their craft and are committed to sharing their skills and wisdom with our students. From dance instructors who can teach a variety of styles like Latin Folklore, Latin Hip-Hop, and salsa, to music instructors skilled in instruments like congas, timbal, bongoes, and choral foundations, they have the ability to inspire and guide students on their artistic journey. Moreover, our instructors and co-founders play a vital role in preserving and promoting the rich heritage of different cultures through language lessons, traditional arts, and historical insights. Their friendly and patient approach, combined with their creativity and intelligence, make them invaluable assets in fostering a love and appreciation for dance, music, and culture in our foundation. We are blessed to have them.


Angela Reyes

Co-Founder & Choir Instructor


Melissa Reynosa

Co-Founder & Logistics

Roy Bosch ~ Percusión Latina Instructor

Roy Bosch

Program Assistant Director

Diego Vargas Colombian percussionist

Diego Vargas

Percusión Latina Instructor

Gustavo Montero ~ Percusión Latina Instructor

Gustavo Montero

Percusión Latina Instructor

Jorge Garcia ~ Choreographer and Dance Instructor

Jorge Garcia

Choreographer & Dance Instructor